Dr.Michael Steiner in Burien, Washington,performed a very damaging, harmful type of procedure on my eyes that left me in grave pain and with scarring and lacerations running through my eye.

I have beet red eye now with pain that never goes away. He lied and said that the procedure was safe and I would not have any broken blood vessels but he ruined and wounded my eyes. He billed my insurance for this procedure over $1200 dollars.

I suffer constant pain and nerve damage now.My eyes are permanently damaged and I get no respite from the enormous intense pain.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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What gives these doctors the right to butcher someone and then toss them aside with no recourse to them.It is very hard to sue someone for cosmetic type surgery so they keep on performing these harmful procedures.

No one should have to go around looking as disfigured as I do and feel as bad as I do, all because of what Michael Steiner from Burien, WA did to my eye. The right eye is bloody red, stinging, and painful everyday. Every day I wish for the eye the was it was before the disfigurement by Dr.

Michael steiner.:sigh


this michael steiner sounds like a butcher rather than a doctor. who does that? Blood vessels, pain, horrible situation and no remedy, that guy should be working in a butcher shop.:cry


:upset what is a Steiner Eye?It is red, it is inflamed, is burns like acid and is permanently scarred.

That is what a Steiner Eye is. After my substandard office procedure left me disfigured, that is what I have now, A Steiner Eye.

What kind of doctor or person does this to another, a very poor excuse for a physician, a negligent and greedy person who can use a patient like a laboratory monkey.Am left with the Steiner eye to prove it and the pain inflicted upon me everyday.


:eek Michael Steiner, Burien,WA caused pain beyond belief.I have seen approximately 5 or 6 other doctors to rid my right eye from the immense excruciating, debilitating pain caused by his surgery.

I was fine before ever setting foot into his facility. I now have 10/10 pain with a right eyeball that looks as bad as it feels, bloody, lacerated, cut up. I should be grateful that I am still able to see after what he performed. He is not skilled at anything optical.

Unfortunately, I found out his priorities do not lie with his patients, unfortunately I found this out too late.

He should be sued by me but that statute of limitations ran out.I cannot express enough how he has used his hands to create damage, create a nightmare of a situation and ruined a perfectly beautiful eye.

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